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Onlineshop for Gymnastic Rings

Gymnastic rings shouldn't be missing in any CrossFit Box. Whether in your Box or garage-gym nothing can replace the gym rings. They are the equipment you need to perform ring-rows, ring-dips, muscle-ups, skin the cats and much more. Thanks to our onlineshop nothing stays in the way of your gymnastic workout.

Gymnastics and Ring- highly demanding and effective

Performing exercises on the rings is very challenging but also very rewarding. The rings don't provide any kind of stabilisation and therefore are perfect for strengthening your whole body. Gymnastic rings training does not only increase your strength but also provides a better coordination and body control. In our Suprfit onlineshop you can purchase gymnastics rings and start with your gymnastics training today.

Gym Rings and your garage gym

The gym rings are the one piece of equipment that is not only ideal for every functional training gym, but also for at home or outdoors training. All you need for an effective upper body training is a pair of rings.