Right of Revocation

You have the right to revoke your declaration of intent within 14 days without any specification of reasons in written form (e. g. letter, facsimile, e-mail) or – if the goods are ceded to you before expiry of this period of time – by return of the goods. The period of time begins at the point of time when you have been informed in text form, but does not commence prior to the date of receipt of the goods by the receiver (in case of recurrent deliveries of goods of similar type not prior to the date of receipt of the first partial shipment) and also not prior to the date of the fulfillment of our information requirements under the terms of Article 246 § 2 in conjunction with § 1 Sections 1 and 2 EGBGB and our duties under the terms of § 312g Section 1 Clause 1 BGB in conjunction with Article 246 § 3 EGBGB. To comply with the time limit, dispatch in good time is sufficient.

Notice of revocation is to be made to:

Innovative Training Systems GmbH
Im Pfeifferswörth 32-36
68167 Mannheim

Email: sales[at]suprfiteurope.eu*
Fax: +49 621 336 898 08

Consequences of revocation:

In case of effective revocation, mutually received benefits are to be returned and any returns received (e. g. interest) are to be released. If the benefits received by you cannot be returned wholly or in part or are deteriorated, you may be required to compensate for damages or deterioration incurred. In case of cession of goods, this does not apply if the decrease in value is exclusively due to the customer’s inspecting or testing the goods in a manner possible, for instance, in a shop. If goods can be returned by parcel, return shipment will be at our risk. Return shipments will be at your cost if the delivered goods comply with the goods ordered and if the price of the goods to be returned does not exceed 40 Euros or if the price of the goods to be returned exceeds 40 Euros and you have, at the time of delivery, not rendered compensation or partial payment contractually agreed upon. Otherwise, return shipments will be cost-free. If goods cannot be returned by parcel, they will be retrieved from your address.
Obligations of reimbursement have to be fulfilled within 30 days. The period of time for reimbursement will commence upon giving notification of revocation or sending back the goods for you, upon receipt of goods for us.

End of instruction on consumers’ right of revocation.

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