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PurePharma Vitamin D3

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Naturally produced high-dose D3 vitamin.

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PurePharma Vitamin D3

PurePharma Vitamin D3 is naturally produced high-dose vitamin D3. Our body produces vitamin D in response to ultraviolet light. However, scientists have found that in today's modern times, many people suffer from chronic vitamin D deficiency because they are too little exposed whole-body exposure to sunlight. To muscle weakness, bone loss, osteoporosis and bone fractures. Vitamin D3 is recommended to further preventive essential for calcium absorption and healthy bones and immune system. Vitamin D is fat soluble. That is, it can only be recorded along with fat from the body. For this reason, mixed their pure pharmaceutical food supplement D3, the gentle derived from a natural source, high-quality olive oil in order to guarantee the best possible absorption.

The recommended daily dose depends on the individual receiving the sunlight. 1 capsule per day is recommended if you are exposed to 20 minutes or more a day with the majority of her body of the sun, and 2 capsules per day in seasons with little sunlight or less than 20 minutes of direct whole-body exposure to sunlight. The purity and excellence of the product guarantees Pure Pharma compliance with European Union (EP) and U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) standards, also all products are GMP certified and the total production is controlled by the NSF.


  • Individual dosage
  • 2.500 IU per capsule
  • With high-quality olive oil enriched to support the absorption
  • Natural vitamin D3
  • Each box contains 120 capsules.
  • Recommended dosage: 1-2 capsules daily.

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