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Online Shop for Ergometers

Originally developed for performance assessment, ergometers are nowadays used for training, as they offer gread cardio vascular training. In our online shop you can purchase an ergometer that will challange you in your metcons.

Effective Training with Ergometers

Rowing machines or bike ergometers are ideal for improving endurance or simply for warming-up. The design of the ergometers allows for circular patterns of movement that proveid a whole body training. In our online shop you can find various ergometers for your CrossFit box or home gym.

Effective Training with Airdynes

Airdynes are the perfect bike ergometers for your CrossFit training, as they provide complex movement patterns (functional movements) or regeneration after a hard WOD.

Effective training with rowers

Rowers are ideal for metablic conditioning. Furthermore they are compact and space saving, which makes them suitable for your CrossFit box or home gym. The rowers from our online shop combine quality and functionality.