About us

Suprfit clients get more than just workout Equipment, they get a competent and personal service. Our ultimate goal at Suprfit is to provide you with the best shopping experience and with a wide range of high quality products, the latest innovations, all the known classics, as well as an excellent customer service. In order to achieve our goals and to keep our clients satisfied, we are always in contact with leading athletes, coaches, boxes and manufacturers.

Convenient browsing and shopping

Customers can directly navigate to their desired category or product through our Suprfit home page . Thus you will find immediately what you are looking for and the shopping is quick and convenient.

Unique product range

At Suprfit you get products that are otherwise impossible or very hard to find in Europe. We always try to offer choices and deliver the right product for the many different needs of our clients. We use both of well known manufacturers such as Purepharma, BeaverFit, Concept2, Inov-8, Dynamax, MuscledriverUSA, Pendlay and Iron Woody Fitness, as well as young brands like Suprfit, aeroSling, Fat Gripz, Sledbarrow or Titintech .

You know a new product or a new brand ? It is not available in Europe yet or the shipping cost is too high? Then please contact us - we are familiar with ordering abroad and with all the procedures and formalities and we can simplify the whole process for you.

Personal and comprehensive service

The large variety of products, the similar features of the equipment and the different needs of every box, make it sometimes hard for customers to choose. We are more than happy to advise you. You can contact our professional staff via phone or email.

Customer Service: +49 (0)621 336 898 06